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About Me

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Oh, you’re a detail person – OK, good for you – Grab a cuppa and let me entertain you with tales of my past!

I grew up in Whakatane, the third of triplets, with 2 brothers, in the Bay of Plenty of Aotearoa.  We’ll skip past my formative years and say I have been coaching people since I was a youth. My first training job was tutoring classes at The University of Waikato (while I was completing my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and then Masters Degree in Management (HR) Studies.

I first launched my business, then Fusion Interactive Training Ltd in August 2006 in the
Community Education forum  while still employed full-time elsewhere as a Training Manager.  In this forum I designed & delivered the Success @ Work series of professional development night classes, I saw people’s lightbulb moments as they became empowered and engaged from what they’d discovered, and from that point, I was hooked, I’ve been training people and helping them be their best selves in one way or another ever since!

Building on that success I went on to form a partner relationship with Sugar International in July 2007, where I took on a training consultant and account manager role to clients such as Coca-Cola Amatil NZ, Northshore City Council, L’Oreal NZ, Datamail and Presbyterian Support.

As a coach my approach is one of partnership. Only one person CAN resolve the problems you face, and that is you – and you absolutely can. My role in your success is to help you (re)discover and tap into your inner awesome, fill any skill gaps needed for you to fulfil the vision/goal you have, redress any perception gaps or beliefs that have been keeping you stuck until now, and help replace them with new positive, doable, effective strategies, attitude and beliefs that serve you and your goals. When you make these changes, your ‘stuckness’ simply dissolves and your success is inevitable; so, lets get started!

You want the steak knives version?

Of course there’s more! We human beings are complex, multi-dimensional, fascinating creatures, with diverse and unique backgrounds – yes, me too!  I’ve done a lot of things I’m proud of.  I’ve been blessed to travel.  I’ve run my own business for the better part of 2 decades now. I have a wonderful family including 2 quirky, amazing children (a boy and a girl) and I have had a lot of hobbies that have shaped and challenged me including kickboxing, pole fitness, horse-riding and more recently CrossFit.

In the past I’ve enjoyed much success in the Toastmasters forum as a speaker, leader & facilitator, including speaking at National conference & earning the Distinguished Toastmaster Award. My areas of expertise centre on interpersonal and personal effectiveness, service excellence, leadership, & communication and conflict resolution.

My facilitation style emphasises participant involvement, fun and exploration; and is always backed up with an ‘application philosophy’. i.e. “What can you do with what you’ve learned?” “So what are you going to do differently now?”
Clients invariably comment on my high-energy engaging facilitation style and ability to motivate participants to higher achievement.  I’m pretty similar as a coach too – so, are YOU ready to make positive change in your life? Getting out of stuck, or living the life of your dreams doesn’t have to be hard or feel like hard work, and the sooner you start to change, the sooner you get to enjoy the results!

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