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Clarify & Achieve Your Goals

If you’re like most people, you’ve set goals before, but they didn’t stick, & honestly, who has the time or energy for that?!

Goal-setting is important, but do you want to hazard a guess as to what % of people who set long term goals actually go on to achieve them?

Comprehensive research (Including the Wiseman study which followed 5000 people to see how many achieved their significant, written goals 1 year later) show us that around 90% of even these on-to-it people fail. Are you curious to know what the top 10% do & don’t do that helps them create success, that most of us don’t?

What would you like to change? What do you want to achieve? Let’s do that!

Working with Jaki in a tailored 1-to-1 coaching setting you’ll have the chance to clarify goals that light you up and find a strategy that works for you and gets you going!

Not only can you work on a major goal/s in this 3-session coaching program, but the extra support & accountability, combined with the skills you’ll discover, will help you create more success and satisfaction with other future goals too, equipping you for greater success in your life going forward.

Epic Relationship Coaching

Let’s keep it real: Relationships can be tough! Be it in your workplace or at home, sometimes we can all do with a bit of help to work through conflict, ensure we are understanding each other, find better ways to get on and ultimately feel heard and seen.

The idea of working through conflicts and communication issues can seem daunting, overwhelming, even impossible. But it can be done in a safe and productive way with the right support & guidance, so you can stop walking on eggshells or dealing with drama/fall out.

With Epic Relationship Coaching Solutions we’ll help you find a way to achieve just that. Additional fees and GST may apply in a business context and we can discuss this up front before we begin so there are no surprises, just solutions.

No long-term contracts, usually we can make epic progress in just a few weeks/session using a combination of facilitated/mediated dialogue, awareness-building and communication skills training to help you build happier, healthier relationships so you can relax and enjoy the environment you live or work in again!

Contact us to find out more today!

Reclaim Your Sense of Self & Joy Again!

Epic Me Coaching is all about YOU and what you want.

Would you like to stop negative patterns like perfectionism, self-sabotage, anxiety and people-pleasing so you can actually feel happy in your Self and reclaim the confidence that you once had before you questioned yourself and felt lost or stuck?

When you heal the limiting beliefs & trauma that is at the root of your problems, you’ll reconnect with that spark inside of you and find your inner confidence again so you can live a bigger, bolder, more epic life with more JOY and more BALANCE. 

You don’t need to know exactly what your epic new life will look like yet, figuring out what you want is part of the journey and you’ll be supported all the way!

Opt for the full package with group support, tailored online resources and training as well as coaching, or maybe the 4 week coaching only package is perfect for you. 

You can even trial the e-modules only for a couple of weeks here!

Book your free Epic Me Consultation and we’ll find the best solution for you!

HR Support & Leadership Coaching

Leading a team successfully takes a wide and deep skill-set that even the owners, management & high performers in each organisation often do not have. Want to avoid personal grievances, navigate morale issues and reduce costly problems like absenteeism and presenteeism? Want to create a high performance, positive & safe work culture? Often an outside consultant is really useful as a change instigator, to support you in leading your team through the transition from where you are now as a team, to how you want to be.

When you do EVERYONE takes a sigh of relief and you know you’re on the path to becoming the employer of choice that leads to happier peope, lower turnover & higher morale. That equates to less bickering and performance management issues, and with our HR guidance your senior leaders will have the support they need to look after your team and your organisation. The approach is that so they develop these skills working with and alongside an HR professional, leaving you better equipped and less reliant on external consultants afterwards.

Packages are developed around your specific situation and needs, so book your free initial consultation today and let’s see what becomes possible for your organisation!

Helping You Find Success & Satisfaction With Tailored, Along-side Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time for a Change in Your Life, But you don’t know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place. You’re on the brink of discovering the things you didnt even know were holding you back and how to release them.

You’re about to start an epic journey, and all journeys start with one thing: The decision to take that first step.

For you, thats simple. Book your appointment today, or if you’re not sure what kind of appointment/solution is right for you yet, you can book in a FREE consultation with Jaki GT and we’ll cross that bridge together!

It’s important you find the right coach/NLP consultant, so booking a free 20 minute consultation is the perfect way to a) answer any niggling questions you may have, b) do a meet and greet and c) ensure that the time we spend together in the subsequent session is focused and efficient, allowing you to get the best result and putting you on the road to epic fast! 

What Is Along-side Coaching?

A process of connection & release

From years of study and practice working with people to effect positive change, I know that you have all the resources you need to be happy and successful; you just need to connect with those resources at the right time and discover how to apply them in an authentic and powerful way.

I will help you develop the awareness and skill to resolve the problems you’re facing at both conscious and unconscious levels.  You’re in control. You decide what you want to change and I will work alongside you to help you achieve that.

No long-term, fixed contracts

Unlike traditional psycho-therapy, you can expect to create epic change from our work together in a matter of weeks. Most of our coaching packages are for 4-10 weeks, because we are able to effect change fast when we work with your strengths and in alignment with how your brain naturally functions. That means change can be FAST!

We keep it real AND fun!

Many people have the unfortunate, deeply held belief that change is hard and takes a long time to ‘really work’. The reality is that change happens fast – if you’ve ever been through a trauma, been attacked, in an accident or been cheated on, you’ve experienced how ‘everything’ can change in an instant. The good news is that when we align your conscious and conscious mind/thinking, you can similarly create healing change not only quickly too, but epically.

One of the exicting things about most NLP techniques is that they do NOT require you to re-live trauma and pain in great detail agian and again. You generally don’t have even have to talk about the hard stuff and the details, and you can still learn how to release trauma, pain and limiting self-beliefs. And the WAY we do that can even be fun, creative and inspiring. Yeah, you kinda need to experience it to get it, so lets talk!


How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Honestly? There’s only one way to know for sure. That’s why I offer a free 20 minute ‘How can NLP work for me?’ consultation to explore your problem/desire/need and check that I am the best coach to help you.

What should I expect?

First, I will help you explore and clarify the problem or goal, and that in itself can be incredibly powerful. Sessions often also include metaphorical stories (these work with your unconscious mind and many are inspiring, thought-provoking and sometimes humorous too), interactive activities we do together, an explanation of the techniques we’re going to use to resolve your issue, and how it works and the change process itself.

At the end there may be some simple tasking/homework to help you on your journey/cement the change and we finally we check in on where you’re at with your bigger picture goal/s and what we want to focus on in the next session. 

What qualifications do you have?

 Neuro Linguistic Programming is a broad and powerful field of study and it’s important you find someone who understands the fundamentals and application well enough to adapt to your particular needs, personality style and goals. I have gained most of my NLP Qualifications with world-renowned trainers Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurasheva. I am an internationally certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner with years of practice using these tools, concepts and techniques in both business and personal settings, both as a coach and in group settings as a facilitator.

I am time-poor, how long will this take?

Sessions are between 60-90 minutes long. How many sessions we take to help you achieve your specific outcomes differs, but change can be effected in as little as one session, though our coaching programs allow for more holistic change and so are usually 3-4 sessions. 

I want to change how my partner/kids behave - can you help?

This is a GREAT question! When you want someone to change, its worth digging down into what thats about. Its generally about how something is making YOU feel. While no one can CAUSE another person to change, we can work on your confidence & communication so you are better able to change the dynamic in your relationship. We can also change how you SEE and FEEL about how others treat you, giving you freedom from those negative emotions or beliefs, from the inside-out!  Book in a free ‘how can NLP work for me’ to discuss what we CAN DO for you specifically, so you can decide if this is your best option, first.

I've heard NLP can manipulate people, how do I know I'm not setting myself up for that?

Truth: You ARE going to have an impact on others. No matter what. Using NLP or not using NLP, you will create ripple effects in people’s lives.  The same is true of us all, including me. NLP simply gives you the awareness, clarity and a new set of skills to ensure that the way you impact others is in line with what you intended – i.e. with your ethical and moral compass. 

As a practitioner, I follow the basic rule of thumb that the client determines the goal/objective and I look for the most aligned way for you to achieve that. I adhere to the ethical guidelines outlined by the NZANLP and follow best-practice standards around privacy and professionalsim, and meeting stringent moral and ethical standards.

If I dont feel your starting goal/objective is safe and ethical for yourself and those involved, I will share my concerns so you can reflect on that, adjust if that works for you, or find another practitioner if that’s what feels right for you. I invite feedback from clients before, during and after seassions so they feel safe and in control at all times and to keep communication open to avoid frustrations or conflicts.

My Approach

I’m not your average ‘life coach’ or ‘business coach’. I have a fun, playful style and I use techniques and approaches that play to your personality/meta-programs and natural strengths, making the change you’re seeking as fun, effective and fast as it can be.

I keep it real throughout and create space for you to do the same so you can get clear on what you want and don’t want in order to help you create authentic change.

We may well laugh and even shed a few tears as you feel the joy of clarity and release from unhealthy habits and old, stagnant thinking, and, if either or both happen, you can rest assured that its ALL good. You’re taking back control, you’re developing new skills and strengths, its epic and emotions can come with that at times in a transformative change session.

I will be your champion and I will challenge you too as I work alongside you to help you change the beliefs and thinking patterns that are causing you grief, frustration and keeping you from stepping into your power and finding the confidence and clarity to put your best foot forward.

Because it doesn’t take much more than that. One step in front of the other, bit by bit, you can change, and those changes, with consistency, can create epic results.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Whether you think the change you want to make might take only a session or two, or you’re seeking truly epic, empowered change, it all starts with booking a discovery call.

If you just have a few questions, the 20 minute ‘How can NLP work for me’ call will suffice.

If you’re curious about our Epic Me coaching or training program, why not book in your Epic Me exploration call (100% obligation & cost-free), and you’ll get a link to a quick quiz that will help you get even clearer about what kind of things you might want to change. Once you’ve submitted your responses we can dig into these more, answer any questions you have and determine what coaching or training solution will work best for you.

You can book either call using the button below! Talk soon!


Choose a Coaching Plan

The first step will already get you out of being stuck IN the problem, to starting to see a way through. Armed with this clarity and the support and guidance you’ve been lacking, the next step is yours to make.

Simply select the coaching program or training solution that fits your needs and budget best, and you are on your way to epic, just like that!

Coaching sessions can be delivered online or in person (or a combination) to fit around your schedule and needs.

If you opt for Epic Me – The Epic Transformation Program, you’ll get the 10 weeks of online modules, assignments and resources as well as your 2 change sessions.

For other coaching programs/solutions see above. Consession rates for regular clients are also available where more than 5 sessions are needed.


Reach Your Goals

Depending on what solution you select and what your unique learning style and needs are, how I work with you outside of our coaching sessions can differ.

I encourage all of my clients to complete Take Action Plans, to TAP into your inner awesome and focus, and help you not only achieve your goal/s, but recognise and celebrate the milestones and successes as you go. You have the option of a follow up ‘check-in/progress-review call’ subsequent to completion of your coaching or training program.

Many of my clients love the extra accountabilty and support this offers and I always get a kick out of hearing in more detail about the transformation my clients make as they go from strength to strengh with their new, continuously evolving confidence and clarity.

1 off NLP/Coaching Session

Believe it or not, with NLP there are many different problems or challenges that you can change significantly in just a single session. These may include allergy responses, releasing a traumatic event & the related emotions or beliefs you’ve internalised, setting a goal or clarifying whats important to you (your values).  


More Details

If, after completing your pre-session questionnaire it seems likely there are multiple layers that need to be addressed to clear it fully, a second session may be booked at your discretion, at a discounted rate if this 90 minute session doesn’t quite give you the outcome you were wanting.

4 Week Coaching Package

When you select this package you get 4 x weekly sessions to work on the issue, challenge or goal of your choice. Often what clients find is that to achieve one goal, several different changes are required to effect deep and lasting change. This is a great way to really focus on YOU and how you can create a life you love.

The 4 week Epic Me Coaching program (which is based on a sub-set of the 10 week program) fits into this category


More Details

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10 Week Epic Me Transformation & Coaching Program

This is our premium, tried and tested Transformation program for women who are ready to let go of issues like self-doubt, anxiety, people-pleasing and enjoy the confidence and clarity that comes from knowing, accepting and crafting who you are, so you can live your best life. Its a holistic wellbeing program that focuses on helping you make small daily changes (est 30 mins a day or equivalent) that help you create massive shifts in your self-concept and results.  This program is one you might invest in personally, or some employers put high performing/fast-tracked staff on this program for their own self and professional development. Contact me today if you’d like a program outline and testimonials to see how this can lift key employee’s ‘A-game’ to a new level while also showing the person/s on it that you care about them as an individual.

More Details

This includes GST, as well as weekly coaching sessions for the 10 weeks and daily e-training modules and resources to support participants on their epic evolution journey.  Results are astounding. Links to testimonials to come, or available upo request.

Still Have Questions?

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