Launch Your 2022 with this Epic Keys to Success Retreat!

I know you want this year to be better, I know you have vowed to make it different, and you’ve come to the right place.

You are tired of reacting instead of responding, and you intuitively know that when you discover how to change the way you think and respond to whatever the world puts your way, that 2022 can be everything you desire it to be.

The way you experience the world, and the way you’ve responded in the past are not your fault, you are the sum of what you have been shown and learnt.  It’s time to grow that, is it not?! When we do, our world opens up too.

Yet the truth is this… you can WILL yourself to change as much as you like, but if you ‘come at it’ with the same old approach and mindset, you are only going to get the same results (at best), and with them, that old sense of defeat, deja vu and drag that weighs you down and leaves you feeling old, burnt out and tired.

If you want to feel:

  • Confident and power-full
  • Centred & calm
  • In control & even excited about your future & new abilities…

Then come and enjoy this 2-day NLP Keys to Success retreat, and learn to program your brain for the confidence, clarity and the results you REALLY want and deserve. You’ll learn new tools and techniques to help you transform your life YOUR WAY, so you can enjoy getting on with living your best life in 2022.

Every year we tend to start with the hope of great things ahead. And yet, ultimately every year flies by and often leaves us wondering where it went and why we didn’t really achieve all the amazing things we wished for.  It’s time to level up and do things differently this year.

This 2-day retreat (on 29th-30th January 2022) is for you if:

  • You are ready to get clear about what is right for YOU, and confident in your ability to achieve that
  • You want to build strong relationships, build your persuasiveness, credibility, and trust factor
  • You are sick of losing your shit with your kids, and seeing them get upset and frustrated too – you need better strategies to role model for them… and for your sanity and satisfaction too!
  • You are always on the back foot, rushing and feeling like you’re constantly juggling and out of time
  • You’re ready to make some changes and find more effective and seamless ways to take control of your life and LIVE like the boss babe you truly are!
  • You want to have fun and you’re ready to invest the time you need to re-centre, and set yourself up for a whole new and more empowered way of being in this world.

Imagine having the confidence, communication skills and resilience to deal with challenging situations, to stay calm when the kids, your clients or colleagues are pushing ALL your buttons, to stay clear and in control when negotiating with clients or communicating with colleagues… How would that change your life? No really, take a moment, how would things look and feel different?

And now how committed to achieving that are you really? Because this program REALLY WORKS, it is fun (of course) but gets serious results.

Be aware: This shit is LIFE CHANGING. So only read on if you are ready to get better results & experience more joy and satisfaction in your life.

Have you ever met someone who seems to just ‘get you’? Its almost like they’re reading your mind and are right there with you, and you feel so connected and heard.  That feeling is like magic, right? What if you discovered how to create that kind of mindset magic yourself. Your client and personal relationships would be more rewarding and positive, your reputation stronger, the results you could then get… unprecedented!


Why do the Keys to Success Retreat right now?

  • The way you start your day matters, as does the way you start your YEAR! Now is the time to install new habits.
  • The #1 thing my students and clients say to me is ‘I wish I’d done it sooner’, the sooner you change, the sooner things change!
  • Tailored learning environment, we keep the numbers small and deliver what YOU need to reach the transformation you have signed up for.
  • Kickass techniques that REALLY work!
  • Time out for you! We are going to have FUN, shake things loose, change shit up and set you up for new levels of epic success and happiness.
  • We may not run this workshop again as a retreat, certainly not at this bargain price – so why not level up your life now, and do it in STYLE?


Are you ready for MORE? More balance, joy & epic success?

Excellent! Simply contact me today to reserve your space. Seats are strictly limited and will go FAST!

And…. because I love goodies, I am giving you some extra love. Sign up before 14th January and get a FREE post-workshop one-to-one epic change session to remove limiting beliefs, past trauma or negative emotions that are holding you back and weighing you down. (Valued at $195)



While spaces last, book with a friend and you can complete this transformational experience together AND you’ll both get 20% off! (that means you can do the whole workshop for just $400 + GST each)!!

7 reasons that The Keys to Success Epic Retreat with Jaki GT is Ideal For YOU!

  • Small group sizes allow us to customise content to suit the group more easily and powerfully.

  • Stunning venue where you can enjoy every aspect and moment of your Epic Retreat – cool off in our indoor heated pool during breaks, take time for you, re-connect with your inner awesome and start to envision & shape a life you LOVE, one simple step at a time!

  • Tap into your inner motivation and learn to set empowering goals that help you level up!

  • Discover next-level communication skills that you can use to build strong, positive relationships. Like it or not, we’re always communicating and most of that is governed unconsciously. Learn how to make a powerful impression, level-up your persuasiveness and build trust & credibility with your words, body language and gestures.

  • This weekend workshop is the first 2 days of the IANLP accredited NLP Practitioner’s program – that means you could follow it up with your Practitioner’s certification & discover even more techniques to transform your life. So, you see, this is just the start of so many new possibilities!

  • Harness the power of rapport to help you learn how to intuit what people are really feeling or even what they’re thinking. Consider the many ways that this ability will help you professionally and personally! Sales, negotiation, conflict resolution, relationships with your kids, friends or partner!

  • Learn how to program your mind so you can feel confident and calm any time you need to – even in difficult or challenging scenarios!

  • Our app provides you with the option of supporting modules, journal prompts and activities after the retreat so can access additional resources available at your finger tips when you need it!

This workshop is very applied – not only will you learn these amazing tools and techniques, but you’ll play with & practice them, working as a group and in pairs too, to get comfortable and skilled in using them in daily practice.

 You’ll also have a chance to consider how you use them after the workshop to transform your life, build your confidence and success in ways that are aligned with the goals you set on the program.

What we cover:

Day 1 (29th January 2022)

  • What is NLP & how can you use it?

  • How you create your experience of the world (and how to CHANGE it!)

  • The framework & practice of setting empowering & magnetic Goals

  • Fundamentals of rapport

Day 2 (30th January 2022)

  • Rapport at work & home

  • How to read others and build rapport in any context

  • Programming your personal ‘feel great’ or ‘calm’ switch to feel able in any situation

  • Putting it all together, intro to the app & your next steps!


It’s going to be epic, life-changing and MEGA fun.  If you’re ready to create change in your life, why not do it in STYLE on the Keys To Success Weekend Retreat this Auckland Anniversary weekend? 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday 29th-30th January (accommodation not included or available).

Bring your swim suit and your open mind (ready for additional awesomeness), and we will make epic change FUN!  Register here.

And/or book your FREE consultation to find out more, here.

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