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So you’re ready to change something about your life, your team/business or your career, and you’d like someone to help you along the way. FANTASTIC! Go you good thing! I’m excited for you.  Maybe you’ve been stuck in a groundhog-day pattern and you’re ready to take control and develop some epic skills that give you new and better options…

  • * Perhaps past emotional trauma/baggage keeps flaring up and creating stress, drama and anxiety in your life
  • * Perhaps you’re wanting to resolve that and develop some epic skills that allow you to finally experience more ease and success
  • * Perhaps your team isn’t quite gelling and performing the way you’d like it to, & you’d like to create some positive change there; or
  • * Or is it that you’re already working with people in a professional capacity (consultancy, coaching, counselling, teaching or healing) and you’re looking for some powerful, new, effective and efficient tools & professional development to add to your kete.  

Whether your focus is mindset or skill-set; personal or professional; individual or as a team, we have a range of solutions designed to help. Some are online and ready to go when you are, some are coaching based and some are fully bespoke, And we offer IANLP accredited NLP Practitioner Certification, in an accessible & innovative way that gives you the full in-class experience.   I look forward to working alongside you to make that change more seamless and powerful than you’ve ever imagined. 

And afterwards, what my clients inevitably say is ‘wow, I just wish I’d done this sooner’. Because its true, isn’t it? The sooner you make a change, the sooner things change!

What I Do


I’m Jaki GT (AKA ‘That Epic Chic’)

In every likelihood you neither want, nor need my life story, so I’ll keep this short and sweet (a bit like me).  Let’s start with my why: I’m a mum, a business owner, an author, a Master Practitioner and certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (say that three times fast!), a qualified and experienced HR professional and coach; and I LOVE helping people create positive change in their life.

Change can be like a rubber band, the more you stretch it, the more pressure that creates, and therefore the more effort is required to maintain that change! And, if that hypothetical rubber-band (you’re getting this is a metaphor, right? You clever, insightful individual, you) has been unused for a while too, its not used to that stretch, and it can break. That’s the last thing we want to happen when we just want a rubber band to re-seal that bag of potato chips (salt ‘n ‘vinegar anyone?).

Enter NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – a methodology that allows us to make positive and powerful changes in our lives quickly and elegantly, without all that tension.  You can discover more about how NLP works on the services page.

 NLP for You

We all get stuck at times, kudos to you for deciding to do something about it.  NLP is a fun, powerful way you can use to re-program your thinking, let go of any baggage from the past, and install new, positive strategies and mind-sets, to create the YOU and the future you really want.

  • Want to feel more confident? Deal with anxiety or depression?
  • Get clear on whats REALLY important to you?
  • Find your inner motivation to achieve some kickasss goals?
  • Build epic new communication skills to navigate conflicts?
  • Change some unwanted habits or ‘triggers’ that keep tripping you up?

I offer a FREE exploratory 20 minute chat too, to answer questions about what NLP change sessions are like and how it works, so you know what to expect, and with that, you can be 100% comfortable that this feels right for you. You can book your free chat quickly and easily here and find out more, fast!

For those who don’t want to wait, and want to cut straight to the good stuff, you can book your Change it Up session here. Fantastic – I KNOW I’m going to love working with you!

We also have a range of different packages available for challenges where a single session is unlikely to suffice (and if you’re unsure how many sessions you may want, use the free chat link above to book a free chat so we can plan the best approach to give you the best results for the smallest investment).

Packages include: 

Goal Mastery Package

 Anxiety Management or Release Package

And now you have options – that’s one of the primary goals of NLP – creating more choices & possibilities!


For Your Team/Business

As if running a team didn’t already come with enough challenges before, Covid-19, lockdown and the policy divides that followed added even more pressure on us all, and, whether you realised it or not, that stress has transferred to your team & organisational culture too. 

While covid itself is no longer an everyday struggle, the stress that it created, along with this economy we are navigating now still have a very real impact.

You might see this in lower performance or morale issues, a staff that’s always tired or fatigued, lower productivity, and, the most common issues of all – higher stress levels and more team/communication conflicts.

All of this is untenable, and sadly it won’t improve by itself. Yet as a manager you have enough on your plate as is, and you may not have the necessary skills or bandwidth to guide your people through everything alone.

Discover tools that can help move past that ‘cannot’ feeling and mindset with powerful, simple strategies you actually CAN make work, even in today’s reality.

Combining coaching, mind-set and resource-fulness strategies and training where needed, we’ll generate a step by step plan to start to lift you, your team, and ultimately your business to new levels, one action/change at a time.

You’re not locked into any long term commitments and there are no hidden extras, so why not? The right fit is key, so ask around and then feel free to contact me to discuss what you’re looking for, and we’ll get on it.  Coaching can be delivered online or at your place of work so location is not a barrier.

Book in a session to explore your staff well being here!


As a Career/PD

Do you already (or do you want to) work with people to help them create positive change in their life?

If you are already a consultant, coach, counsellor, trainer, teacher, healer or health professional etc, how great would it be if you could add additional skills, tools and approaches to enhance the range, quality and efficacy of your mahi & help you stand out in your career?

Perhaps you’re the sort of person who others seek out when they have a problem and you’d like to learn more skills and a professional structure for how to guide them in a clear, ethical and positive way.  Or perhaps you have an existing practice, but you can also see the benefit in having a more extensive range of tools you could offer your clients.

Neuro Linguistic programming draws from a diverse range of fields, integrating concepts, models and ideas from psychology (humanistic, positive, gestalt, cognitive…), behaviourism, linguistics, neuroscience, hypnotherapy, communication, family and gestalt therapy, and more.

NLP was created by the desire to understand how the people who were best in their field achieved the results they did. And from studying these people and their practices and thinking and communication in great detail, (modelling) the field of NLP was born.  Today it comprises a wide range of tools, a set of underlying principles and several frameworks that sit nicely alongside other counselling, coaching, teaching approaches, or as its own methodology.

We now offer world-class, internationally accredited NLP Practitioner certification training and shorter NLP courses right here in Whangarei.



"“…Jaki’s approach is highly professional and client centered. She has the ability to pull people along with her, getting them to question their behaviour and then reinforcing the correct behaviour, in a manner that left them feeling positive and energised.”


“Do it!!! It will transform your approach to life.”


"Jaki has an effortless way making whoever she's working with feel sincerely listened to, understood and valued. Her calming energy, thought provoking questioning and words of encouragement hold space for client's to not only recognise their own potential to change, but to experience deep transformation in that very moment. Incredible!"


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